Our Farm Tradition

Rimini is not only a seaside location but it extends from the beaches to the hills, up until the top of Mount Carpegna.

We, Hotel Corallo Rimini – Inland to the Shore, are never tired to talk about our land, from rooms’ details to the dishes of the restaurants, from the locals tours to the wineries.

A land that has an equally rich tradition of vegetable products, from the most common ones to those typical of the area such as shallot of Romagna, cardoons (or humpbacks) and the liscari (also called beard of the friar).

We have chosen to tell you in person the love for our land and for the farm tradition, being part of the project “1000 Gardens for the City” promoted by Crescere Insieme and the cooperative Il Millepiedi.

1000 Gardens for the City

Project “1000 Gardens for the City” was born in the green area of Casa Macanno, a residential structure for disabled people located in Rimini, 5 minutes drive from the hotel.

The goal is to promote the social integration for the people of the structure, just as it happened for Nadia, who is now a member of our staff.

At Casa Macanno, they begin by carrying out small maintenance and cleaning work, or growing products of the small gardens rented from local realities; thanks to this project, they have the opportunity to feel the results of daily work and have the satisfaction of seeing the result with their own eyes.

From the garden to the kitchen

Hotel Corallo Rimini has chosen to support the work of the association; here different varieties of vegetables are growth, and our cuisine uses these for our dishes, all being in contact with nature and the animals in the garden.

The vegetable products obtained from the harvest are then used in the kitchen by our chef, for tasty dishes, in those days when we go to the garden.

Here you will find tomatoes, zucchini, mint, red basil, garlic, borage, friggitelli peppers… All according to the season, following the natural cycle of the land and the times and needs of those who take care of the garden.

Tour to Casa Macanno

For the summer we have created a weekly appointment at Casa Macanno.

A day to get to know the reality of farmer history, touching the products that generate the land and get closer to the world of the disabled who made this path possible, all under the guidance of Eugenio, which has been following this splendid project for years and with love.

The tour is suitable for both adults and children; you will leave directly from the hotel to reach this place surrounded by greenery and only a few kilometers away.

At Casa Macanno there is a play area for children and there are two aviaries with chickens and pigeons from Romagna; here there are also hives from which honey is obtained and a fenced area that hosts Giuditta and her family of donkeys, all females (daughter, mother and grandmother!).


Romagna rooster

One of the roosters present is an endangered species, to preserve these animals that embody a very important symbol for Romagna. Think that the symbol on the Romagna flag is just a rooster that grabs a Caveja with its claw, a very useful tool in agriculture since it blocked the yoke at the helm of the cart, avoiding that a sudden slowdown of the medium hurt the legs of the oxen.

Being a typical instrument of the area has become over the years a very strong symbol, as well as object of allegories and superstitious rituals.

Do have any memory related to the world of famers?
What do you do to help the farm tradition within your land?
What animal of Casa Macano would you like to know?

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