A butterfly in Pennabilli

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9:30 am meeting in Pennabilli with the tour guide

The morning includes an intense track with 3 hours of walking and a few stops. The kilometers are 9 and 150 meters in altitude.

The tour starts from the city center and continues with a ring tour until you get to the “Orto dei Frutti Perduti” (forgotten fruit garden), born from an idea by Tonino Guerra who was looking for a “museum of flavors useful to let us touch the past “.

Inside we find many varieties of fruit trees typical of the farmers of the area who, being little cultivated today, are slowly disappearing; in the midst of this flora we find small works by different artists, each of which hides its own story.

Halfway there is a stop with packed lunch that everyone will take care of before leaving. The path is not very demanding but it will be necessary to cross two small fords.

3:30 pm end of the tour.

Pennabilli visita entroterra degustazione

The cost for the tour is:

€35,00 adults

€17,00 children between 3-14

FREE children under 2

The fee covers the tour, tasting and insurance
Transportation is not included