Fossa Cheese: the D.O.P excellence of Sogliano al Rubicone

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Only a few kilometers from Rimini there is the medieval village of Sant’Arcangelo in Romagna, which still retains its typical appearance of a fortified fortress.

The town is animated all year round thanks to its streets, shops and renowned restaurants, and is a mandatory stop for those who enjoy a stay in the Rimini area.

The city that gave birth to Tonino Guerra, hides a mystery in its subsoil: long and ancient tunnels dug in the sandstone create a parallel path to the city that winds under the feet of its inhabitants … These are the underground caves!

At 9:30 am we meet in Sant’Arcangelo

We’ll meet with our guide and we’ll walk around the town. After that we’ll reach the underground caves and in the end there will be a tasting of the local products and wine.

At 12:30 the tour will end.

Sogliano Rubicone visita entroterra degustazione

The cost for the tour is:

€40,00 adults

€20,00 children between 3-14

FREE children under 2

The fee covers the tour, tasting and insurance
Transportation is not included
Formaggio Fossa visita entroterra degustazione