At Hotel Corallo Rimini every challenge is seen as an opportunity to learn and find new solutions!

So we chose to propose a new form of entertainment, a sport activity that can be done together with responsibility for adults, and especially kids!

This year we are pleased to introduce Flavia, a new partner for Hotel Corallo Rimini: a sporty girl who has made her personal experience, linked to the need for an alternative gluten-free diet, the desire to communicate through a new training formula; a combination of sport and play, a fun discipline on the sand of the beach of Rimini.


Flavia has been promoting this discipline for over 5 years, that comes with a structure with a minimum height from the sand, where hooks a series of hammocks soft touch cotton, each dedicated to a participant, just to optimize the individual posture and create that decompression that leads to a global well-being for the mind and body… suspended between heaven and earth. Wow!

A course available for all from children until teenager, and parents who wish to participate! It helps to acquire fluency, coordination in movements and lightness while having fun, et voilà: it also tones arms, abs and buttocks, helps to relax and obtain small physical and emotional results.

Aeral Yoga_Hotel Corallo Rimini
Aeral Yoga partecipazione | Hotel Corallo Rimini


An acrobatic experience with particular attention to the small challenges that can be overcome under the present guide of Flavia: train body and mind in a simple and fun way you can!

The exercises will be carried out gradually following the times and characteristics of our body, taking advantage of the weight in suspension to reach increasingly dynamic figures.

Try to believe!


Flavia is with us on this path of sociality, precisely because she chose to tell herself: the intent with this form of entertainment is to raise awareness and bring attention to the “world without gluten”, being herself intollerant to gluten, just like Fabio.

Through her personal experience, she wants to make this project possible with initiatives for children and adults to give the right awareness and consider celiac disease not as a disease, but more simply as a condition of their own being: accept to review their habits, especially at the table, not as a limit but as a fantastic opportunity to educate themselves to a correct diet and rich in experimentation.

Cucina senza glutine_Hotel Corallo Rimini

Food education, play, fun and safety. Living happily with celiac disease is possible: the important thing is that we talk about it!

At Hotel Corallo Rimini we care about this project because we face daily celiac disease and we have a deep knowledge of it. For those who still do not know Fabio, the owner, is celiac and follows a diet strictly gluten-free.

We know what it means to eat in a safe hotel. Do you like this initiative? Tell us about your experience!