Privacy Policy


In the following disclaimer are described the website’s conducts regarding information on the processing of personal data, of those who visit it, and the personal data communicated by the interested party to the Administration within the website.

In compliance with articles n. 13 (data collected from the interested party) and n. 14 (data not collected from the interested party) of (EU) Regulation  2016/679 (GDPR) the following information are for Users of this website and not others websites that were visited with a connection link within the latter one, for which it is suggested to view the relative information provided by the respective owners.

This Website and the services offered within it are reserved for those who have reached the legal age of 18 years old. The Administration will not collect any data of those who are under 18 years old. The Administration will delete, on request, all the personal data accidentally collected.


1. Administration

Hotel Corallo Rimini, registered office Viale Vespucci n. 46, Rimini 47921, Italy (also named as Hotel Corallo Rimini or “Administration”), as administrator of the personal data of the website (also names as “Users”) provides down below the privacy information complying article n. 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 (also named as  “Regulation”, the Regulation and the Privacy Code are together defined as “Applicable Regulations”).

The Administration will take care to nominate a Manager who will be in charge in the collection of personal data used with purpose of technical assistance, maintenance, technical management, etc. that are present in the Website, web agency or consultant, whose references may be communicated following a request for the latter ones. The Administration and Manager will use the Users’ personal data also through internal agents, specially designated and equipped with instructions for the correct processing of personal data, also aloud.

The Manger for the protection of personal data (Data Protection Officer DO) can be mailed to:


2. Data processed and original source

  • Navigation data
  • Cookies, on which we invite you to read our Cookie Policy
  • Data voluntarily provided by the user, including:
    • Common data (identification, personal, billing and similar data)
    • Exceptionally only special data (article n. 9 GDPR)
    • Criminal data only exceptionally (article n. 10 GDPR)

Sources: navigation, other websites, cookie and similar; users; public sources

We may use the navigation data, and the cookies

We may also use personal data that were given voluntarily by the user, for example through the contacts form or communication with mail, among these common personal data (identification, registries, invoice, etc.) and exceptional data with the compliance of article n. 9 GDPR or criminal data with the compliance of article n. 10 GDPR within the limits needed, when the request of information is received.

Data can come from automatic or voluntary sources, and public sources. Such as data coming from the user’s navigation, who may have information connected to other websites search, cookies and similar. Data can be also given voluntarily by the user or those connected to him. Other data may come from public sources like those from the searches, public databases and similar.

3. Data processed and original source

The personal data of the Users on the Website, as described above, will be used in the ways imposed by the GDPR, for differing goals of the Website in particular, but not excluded, within the process described as below in the collection of data, contact form, in case of registration/access to the reserved area, newsletter subscription and similar.

In particular, the personal data gave to the Administration will be used for the following subjects:

  • followup for specific request toward towards the Administration by the User, through the Website and the different communication channels (contacts form, request form, and similar)
  • eventually a subscription to our newsletter and the follow up of marketing and communications about the work done by the Administration, with the user’s consent
  • communication about the services given by the Administration, following a request of information through mail or contact form, and other channels.
  • for other content connected the ones above or similar that are part of the Website
  • to process the mail address, given by the user in the followup of a service or product’s selling, given also without consent, also communication following the sale of given service and product; the User can decide whether to accept or refuse this communication channel, by simply following the instructions given
  • to create a contract relation with the goal of professional training, included also legal, financial and general, that are connected with give relation

The use of personal data, given also with a simple collection of navigation data, will be used for the sole goal of check up of the Website accesses. Are also part of this data technical, functionals and analysis cookies, that have the prerequisite given by the User. For the latter one it’s clear that can be connected with technical cookies that are directly part of the website. In any case for these cookies the Website, with the approval of the User, has decided to anonymize of IP addresses and amendment of data elaboration; data collection and utilization (with anonymous IP addresses) will make sure that the Website works better and improve the general service, to give a better experience to the User. Please refer to the cookies policy for more information.
Data collected through Email

For a complete information we precise that, the communication with email, Hotel Corallo Rimini uses a compliant platform which, with systems of statistical tracing, will detect the opening of the message, click on the connection within the mail, from which IP address or browser type the email comes from, and similar details. The data collection is part of the platform and is only used as the system for sending messages.

The User can refuse the newsletter, by connecting with the specific link to remove their consent, that is found in each email. Once done, the Administration will send a message to confirm the annulation.


4. Legal basis

The process of personal data use is based on the right of information, fulfillment of contracts or social contact, so where is needed the consent through the willing compilation in the specific dedicated form.


5. Legitimate interest of the Administration

The process of personal data usa is also based on the legitimate rigth of the Administration, within the specific contest of information, execution of contracts and direct marketing.


6. Transfer obligation

Provision of personal data related to online navigatio from the User, as said above, is connected to the type of privacy that the User has established or annulled from the personal browser. In some cases the annulment of said privacy can pre-empt the use of the Website. For the specific forms on the Website, the receiving process of navigation data or use of technical cookies must be there, for the correct functioning of the Website.

The receiving process of some personal data is anyway necessary for the structure itself of the Website and its functioning. A request for other data will be done, with of course authorization from the User, according to the kind of information needed.


7. Personal data shared with third parties

Data can be shared to connected or controlled societies by the Administration itself, and also third parties that work too, also with the name of the Administration, for the fulfillment of services related to the purposes indicated above, both in EU and out EU (for the latter just who adhere to the Privacy Shield protocol).

Navigation data and similar (as explained above) and also cookies from third parties (explained in the cookies policy) will be communicated to others parties, who will not use them as Administrators.

8. Conservation of personal data

Personal data will be kept and used until the User decides to remove the consent, with actions taken in the personal browser, cookies removal, direct request or other ways.

Personal data will be maintained for the technical time needed for the removal of those specific data, for the different reasons these were used.

9. Users’s rights

Each User has the rights of access, correction, removal, limitation, reception of notice about correction, removal or limitation, portability, opposition and not being subject of an individual and automatized choice, such as profiletion, as said in articles n. 15 – 22 GDPR, through communication sent by the Administration with email:

The Administration will give the correct response and within the end of the first month, when the request was done. Abiding to article n. 15 e followings, the User has the right to access the personal data at any time


10. Right of cancellation

It is possible to cancel, at any moment, the consent given through the email ( or direct request to the Administration.


11. Complaints

Each User has the right to request a complaint abiding to article n. 77 and following GDPR to a supervisory authority, that is identified in the protection of personal data, by the Italian Government.

The terms, process and formalities of preposition for complaint are provided and organized by the national legislation. Complaint is subject to amministration and judicial actions, that for the Italian Government can be proposed to the User itself or a Court


12. Profiling

Personal data given with the compilation of a form, can be subject of profiling

Profiling allows the Administration to evaluate specific personal characteristic of the User, related to personal preferences, interests, choices about the products and activities done by the Administration, so the Administration itself can service specific only for the User and its request.