Summer Rimini CustomizedForYou Offer

Summer Rimini CustomizedForYou Offer

“We make a new offer that will fit your preferences for your holiday, and we want to share the emotions of this experience here, in Hotel Corallo Rimini.”

Hotel Corallo Rimini presents to you 2021 news!

This year you can make up your CustomizedForYou holiday, organize your day as you wish, from breakfast to dinner, from the beach to the swimming pool, from the experience at Casa Macanno Garden to the outdoor trips organized to make you live new emotions.

Our breakfast goes from 7:30am until 12:00pm; here you can find a served buffet with daily fresh bread, cakes and cookies, pastry croissant and as drinks there are juices, hot drinks and even the coffee made with Moka!

There are also savory options with scrambled or omelette style eggs, cheese and cold cuts of the hinterland, crunchy bacon, rustics snacks, pizza and salad to make at the moment.

From 4:00pm to 6:00pm in the Hotel City Hall you can find our snacks:

  • Italian style sandwiches, the half-day delicious snack with genuine ingredients
  • Cakes & Cookies, a sweet moment with either coffee, tea or juice

From 7:30pm at our Lounge Bar our aperitif: cheese and cold cuts form farmer tradition of Romagna with you favourite drink, and take a bite of dish that our chef made to create emotions.

Dinner is served from 7:30pm in our in the bright restaurant overlooking the Adriatic Sea, here the dish tell you the story of our land, thanks to the use of local products and the search for a cuisine between land and sea.

If there is a moment when hunger come don’t worry: our delicious dish of our cuisine come to you thanks to Corolla Deliveryour free delivery in the hotel or at the beach at your sunbeds!

Enjoy our swimming pool with salt water, open both morning and afternoon, for a quick dive and a bit of tan, and also at the beach where you can have the umbrella and the sunbeds for your entire holiday to relax and dive into the sea.

Hotel Corallo Rimini has two solutions for your car, one outdoor parking spot and one undergrounds spot; for those who travel by train they can reach us from the train station with Bus n.11 and get out at stop n. 13, or take Metromare until Piazzale Kennedy stop, or walking across Maria Callas and Renzi park for 2 clinometers.

What’s’ missing? You only need to choose you room

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