The Beauty of Rimini Beach

Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione

The great Beauty of Rimini Beach is intertwined with Roman history; as the ancient Romans made it a well searched destination as they benefited from salt water.

The revolution of Rimini Beach, as we know it today, began by the end of the 19th century: the idea of a healthy sea bath, of the air rich in iodine and tanning is still rooted in the Italian culture for its healthy and aesthetic benefits.

Also Hotel Corallo Rimini wants to offer an experience to its guests, the most suitable to enjoy the sand and the sea comfortably under the umbrella, with the collaboration of beaches, that has been consolidated for many years now.

The First Beach Establishment

In 1843 was inaugurated the first beach establishment in Italy by the doctor Claudio Tintori; it was composed of many dressing rooms placed on a kind of pile-dwelling, or directly on the water, connected in turn to the beach via a walkway.

The very first dressing rooms were large tents, almost villages, with a rigid scaffolding and enough space to be able to change clothes, stop to eat and for spa treatments.

Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione
Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione

Kursaal & Bathing Machines

At the beginning of the 20th century appeared the first Bathing Machines, wooden cabins equipped with wheels, which were transported directly into the sea with the help of donkeys.

At the same time the Bathing Machines also spread the Kursaal (care room), in which there were also playrooms, concerts and transgressive locations.
The first Kursaal of Rimini was built in place of the first beach establishment. The Kursaal became an attraction for rich foreign tourists looking for care and entertainment.

Hotel Corallo Rimini

A few years earlier in 1898 our hotel was built, at the time called Pension Suisse.

Hotel Corallo Rimini is in fact one of the oldest accommodation facilities in the city, survived almost unscathed even to WWII!

Today, we found a well-kept historical photo representing some people having fun on the beach in front of the hotel.

Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione
Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione

Rimini for everyone

The Beach establishments over time have been equipped to make the stay at the beach as pleasant as possible for the people,  offering many services: showers, cabins, umbrellas, deck chairs, swimming pools and entertainment (mini-club, watergym, …); there are also sports equipment or dedicated fields.

This constant evolution linked to seaside tourism, has meant that activities and establishments evolved more and more until Rimini went from being a destination for the èlite, to being a city within everyone’s reach.

Many are the tourists we had the pleasure of hosting over the years; one of them came back to visit us after so much, showing us the photo of when he stayed here as a child… it was 1965!

The Beach

The same hotels collaborate with the nearby beach establishments to ensure the most complete offer possible to their guests.

We at Hotel Corallo Rimini have an agreement with the nearby beaches, such as n. 35 right in front of us, and n. 33 33 bathroom, the first beach establishment in Marina Centro to be authorized to welcome pets on the beach; here all dogs are welcome and can stay with you under the umbrella.
Both beaches provide:

  • play area
  • sports area 
  • cold and how shower
  • lifeguards

At n. 35 you will find a nursery and cabins reserved for guests of Hotel Corallo Rimini, in addition to the possibility of renting pedalos or canoes.

Pets will find in the n. 33 bowls for food, hygienic bags and showers reserved for them to cool off from the summer heat.

Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione
Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione
Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione
Hotel Corallo Rimini spiaggia mare balneazione

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