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Hotel Corallo Rimini’s menu tell the goodness and the taste of simple products that represent Romagna.

The Chef takes us on a journey of taste with always different products, are an example: Cervia’ss salt, Carpegna Raw Prosciutto, Fossa’s cheese.

We present traditional dishes to satisfy every taste and we propose gluten-free dishes in similar menus and identical to the one of the restaurant for “everyone”.

Our restaurant with all the services available presents the restaurant news for 2021 CustomizedForYou: make your day of culinary delights with the proposals that we present.

Our Breakfast



Merenda dolce e salata

Lounge Bar

Lounge Bar

Dinner at the restaurant


Corolla Delivery


Room Foodbox Experience

Room Food Box Experience
Colazione dolce e salata
Colazione dolce e salata
Colazione dolce e salata
Colazione dolce e salata

Our breakfast

From this year our renewed concept of breakfast and attention to Gluten Free is expanding. Here you will find coffee made with Moka machine (the real one), fresh bread every day, pastry cakes, biscuits and croissants.

Our breakfast is the one you have always dreamed of with many savory proposals, from rustics snacks to pizza, salads to customize, baked vegetables, the corner with cold cuts and cheeses, scrambled eggs and omlette style, crispy bacon and other surprising delicacies.

WHEN: from 7:30am to 12:00pm

WHERE: at Hotel Corallo Rimini’s restaurant


Take break from work, the beach or just to relax and be pampered by our delights!

We want to keep the doors open at all times! Here come the Italian’s style sandwiches: a half-day quick snack for everyone, good and with genuine and quality ingredients, and of course also gluten-free.

For those who prefer dessert, don’t miss out our cake and cookies! A moment of sweetness to break the day. Coffee, herbal tea or chocolate? The preferred drink, to go with cakes and biscuits.

WHEN: from 4:00pm to 6:00pm from April to September
WHERE: in Hotel Corallo Rimini’s “City Hall”

Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-merenda 1
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-merenda 4
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-merenda 5
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-merenda 2
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-aperitivo 5
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-aperitivo 2
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-aperitivo 3
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-aperitivo 3

Lounge Bar

With your favorite drinks, you can enjoy cheeses and cold cuts from Romagna’s farmers’ tradition. To make this moment even more special, the Chef will present a delicious bite from a dish, prepared to excite you with every bite.

Ready to toast with your favorite drinks?

WHEN: from 5:30pm
WHERE: in Hotel Corallo Rimini’s “City Hall”

Dinner at the restaurant

In the bright restaurant which overlooks the Adriatic Sea, we serve you dinner, which is result of the search for a varied cuisine between land and sea and local products that tell the story of our land.

We, at the Hotel Corallo Rimini, share with the chef the care of the dishes, paying the utmost attention to the gluten-free dishes to make the emotion of our culinary paths for everyone’s reach.

WHEN: from 7:30pm to 9:00pm
WHERE: at Hotel Corallo Rimini’s restaurant

Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-delivery 3
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-delivery 4
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-delivery 6

Corolla Delivery

The tasty dishes of our kitchen come to you, if you want have lunch at the beach or a snack, here comes Corolla Delivery!

A complete take-away menu to the dessert, with a wide choice of first courses of meat and fish, ranging from mixed fried fish, to steamed mackerel with onions, veggie ratatouille di verdure to the most classic and delicious “Nonna Lasagna”.

The menu of the Corolla Hotel Delivery offers dishes for all needs, even for the delight for those who must eat gluten-free.

WHEN: from 12:00pm to 3:00pm from April to September
WHERE: at beach at your sunbeds or in the hotel

Food Box Experience

Only by reservation, enjoy your Food Box Experience, we deliver it directly in your room with gastronomic pampering all to enjoy!
Products easy to “open” and eat, enjoy the delicacies prepared by the chef.

An experience for the eyes and the taste, even for the joy of those who are gluten free.

WHEN: from 7:30pm
WHERE: in your room

Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-food box 1
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-food box 4
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-food box 3
Hotel-Corallo-Rimini-food box 2



Everyday will you find also a gluten-free menu

  • Separated buffet
  • Dedicated staff for gluten-free service

Healthy Cusine

A healthy cuisine with the flavors of our land

  • Vegetables from Casa Macanno Garden
  • 0km products
  • Local farm and wineries’ products

For toddlers

Care for our little kids

  • Everyday we prepare vegetables broth and soups
  • 24/7 milk