Pet-Friendly Hotel in Rimini

Pet Friendly Hotel Rimini: al Corallo i cani sono i benvenuti

At Hotel Corallo of Rimini, your pets are more than allowed, they’re welcomed!

Your darling pets may eat with you in a specific part of the restaurant reserved for families with “furry friends”.

At Hotel Corallo Rimini, our definition of family also includes pets, like ours Jack, Delicia, and Nina! For this, we well understand the needs for those who travel with their beloved dog, cat and so on. We’re known as a Pet-Friendly hotel, for more than one reason.

Apart from the pet area in the restaurant, you will find a bowl in your room and a little treat to welcome them on arrival, we also give the opportunity to order pasta or rice for them. We give consideration to four-legged friends with much joy.

We are a Pet-Friendly hotel: we guarentee hospitality for our four-legged friends in Rimini.

Much care for them in the hotel, but also on the beach: just around the corner from us is beach 33, specifically equipped to welcome dogs. They can always stay by your side.

They are happy and so are you because a holiday shared with them is truly complete. And so many people around who love animals. 

Choose accommodation that can also cater for your cat or dog.

Leaving them at home isn’t always the best choice. They cannot always our reasons and may feel abandoned and sad.

Take them with you to Hotel Corallo Rimini, where they may also find new friends to play and have fun with.

Cucciolo alaskan malamute all'Hotel Corallo Rimini

We are a Pet-Friendly hotel: we guarentee hospitality for our four-legged friends in Rimini.

First of all: technical equipment.

  • specific sanitation of the rooms, we have an ozone machine;
  • bowls, rugs, and comfort in case the family is unable to bring them from home;
  • an internal set of rules to manage the presence of dogs, which must be able to feel good in the same way as those who do not have a dog;
  • the plus of the plus: a dedicated area in the dining room where our dog can keep us company during meals, separated from the main dining hall to respect other diners.
  • Equipped beach. First thing first, a reminder: ​​people who love their dog knows that he may not like high temperatures. Indeed, perhaps he would want to skip the afternoon at the beach. However, for those who prefer to bring them, it is good to choose a structure that has a specific bathing establishment for dogs close to it.
  • Educator, veterinarian, and dog-sitter are always available. With the health of furry children, don’t mess around; still, inquire about a reference veterinarian who is always available. The trusted dog sitter recommended by the hotel, on the other hand, will allow you to spend afternoons at the Aquafan or Oltremare. At the same time, he strolls in the serene gardens of Rimini.

We are among the few structures to be a hotel for gluten-free people and, at the same time, a hotel for dogs in Rimini, where you can spend both you and your dog unforgettable holidays.


Well, a pet and a biscuit just arrived, a cuddle from the reception and a smile wherever the dog wags.

We believe that a furry friend is genuinely part of the family. We think that our puppies should not deprive their friend of their heart on vacation, just like the pet cannot really do without his family on vacation.

The love for pets friends always makes the difference, and we have tons of it.

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