Your CustomizedForYou holiday starts already from our rooms; here you can choose which one you prefer and that fits your request, within the welcoming of Hotel Corallo Rimini – Hinterland on the Shore.”

At the Hotel Corallo Rimini we value everything that surrounds us and we are aware of the times we live, in fact the materials of the rooms are the result of wood waste and pre-existing furniture, also you will find suitcase-laying and sunbeds made with the fabric recovered from the deck chairs.

The colors of the rooms, which cover the walls, have been mixed with the sand of our beaches and applied to the furniture and headboards of the beds, creating a material color and rough to the touch, to give the feeling of a sleep by the sea; a unique experience in a show costume.



Federico Fellini’s Rooms

Enters one of the Federico Fellini’s rooms and be surprised: “The Kiss”, “The Love”, “The Runway”, “The Cinema”, “The Drug store” and “The Dancer”, are the names in homage to the director and his films.

There are many references to the most authentic, sunny and playful Romagna; the Romagna of other times, evoked by the colors of the villas at the sea at the beginning of Nineteen century. The pictures of the films, the choices of materials and colors, make the emotions of the past and the present bloom again in these rooms. The space of these rooms is a dream, thanks to the romantic vision of the master director Federico Fellini, born in Rimini, a symbol of the Adriatic Coast himself.

Classic Rooms

In the rooms of the Hotel Corallo Rimini the light is reflected on all things: sky, eyes and windows.

Bright spaces and open spaces.

All rooms have a balcony or terrace equipped with comfortable deck chairs and a coffee table, some rooms are different from each other, they overlook the main avenue, others are side, others have a wonderful view of the sea.


Economy Room

Love for our land can be found also inside our rooms in the colors so you find the pastel tones of the sea and the sand, the pink of the sunsets and our hinterland.

The style of our rooms reflects our personality: sunny, welcoming and available to customize your stay responding to all your needs.


CustomizedForYou also means maximum accessibility for all needs.
The spaces of the Hotel Corallo Rimini have no architectural barriers and our elevator has a width that allows access to wheelchairs, both normal and motor.

In the room the doors are wider, more than 60 cm wide, so as to facilitate the passage of the wheelchair. The mattress has a height of 18 cm. and the overall height of bed plus mattress is 52 cm.
In the bathroom the shower has no box, the toilet is 53 cm high. with closed lid: there is also the seat to attach to the supports.

Accesso Disabili
sanificazione con ozono

Anti-allergic sanitization

Anti-allergic sanitization with the use of ozone is one of the simplest and most natural, and at the same time most effective ways to make a hotel room truly safe.

Here in Hotel Corallo Rimini we sanitize our rooms with Ozonoclean, which allows to generate ozone molecules that play a deep antiallergic action destroying viruses, bacteria and mites, and eliminating bad smells.

We also chose it because it is a valid alternative to chemicals, a highly ecological method, due to the fact ozone is a simple molecule formed by 3 oxygen atoms.

Alarm clock

Wheelchair services

Servizi per disabili


Wheelchair access

Accesso disabili


Direct phone


Laundry service


No architectural barriers

Accesso disabili