Hotel Corallo Rimini has news for our guests… many proposals are coming in this year!

For many stays, we reserved a special discount of 10% by booking directly from our website… it’s easy and convenient 🙂 

Did we not convince you yet? If the 10% discount isn’t enough, here 10 reasons why you should book online on our website:

  1. You can always check all the types of rooms left.
  2. And when it is better to book them!
  3. Price is the cheapest ever.
  4. Your data and credit card information are protected, and your privacy ensured thanks to a secured system. 
  5. You can write down all your requests and needs, and we will receive them here directly at our reception.
  6. You can book at any time of day – or night – without long waits and misunderstanding on the phone.
  7. No need to wait for confirmation of your stay: you will receive it right after you booked.
  8. You can modify your booking at any moment. 
  9. You can check if, during your free dates, we have a select discount just for you.
  10. Only on our website, you can find our prepaid solution so that you can pay already and enjoy your stay.

Did you already check out our renovated rooms and choose your favorite one? Did you select the dates for your stay? Do you prefer to keep it light in the morning or prefer to taste our healthy, rich, and tasty breakfast? 

If everything is clear and you already have answers to all these questions, then you’re ready to book your stay: fill out the section below, and everything is done! 

However, We Hotel Corallo Rimini will never dismiss you; for information and explanations, you can write at or text our WhatsApp number +39 3498764291.

Our reception is open 24/7 and Cristina, Tiziana, Elisa and Alice will always answer our phone +39 541 391270