Felliniana Artemis Danza

Dear friends today is January 20th, and for those who were born in Rimini is an important date. Today our teacher, the visionary par excellence, the great filmmaker Federico Fellini was born! And for this reason we want to tell you about a beautiful artistic concept: the show “Felliniana by Artemis Danza.”

This evening, on Wednesday January 20th, at 9:00 pm, there will be the streaming of the dancing show created and directed by Monica Casadei, in order to celebrate the birth of the moviemaker.

“Felliniana is articulated around the wonderful 8 ½ and lives of the joys and hopes of the clowns, the confidences of Gradisca, the voices and dialogues taken from the films, the scent of dolce vita, the thousand colors of the circus and the poetic power of Nino Rota” Monica Casadei.


The streaming will be from the stage of the theater, so we can experience the beauty, in a “Felliniana” easy, artistic performance live.

The dream, the euphoria, the humanity in its most convincing and disarming caricature: these are the elements that we will find again with the complicity of the amazing and unforgettable music of Nino Rota. A celebration interpreted with an emphasis on the emotionality and irony that the director gave us, in every character and every cinematic split.

Circus can’t be missed, the expressive virtuosity and acrobatics, elements bearers of a dream and all its shades.

felliniana omaggio a fellini

The company Artemis Danza Felliniana – Tribute to Fellini

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More information about Felliniana – Tribute to Fellini by Artemis Danza

Choreography, direction, scenes and lights Monica Casadei
Music Nino Rota
Costumes Daniela Usai
Production Compagnia Artemis Danza
With the help of the Rimini City Council
With the patronage of Fellini 100 – Celebrations for the Centenary of Federico Fellini

In collaboration with Teatro Municipale di Piacenza, Teatro Comunale di Bologna, Istituto Italiani di Cultura di Chicago, Hong Kong, Jakarta, Prague, Tunis, Zurich.
With the contribution of Ministero per i Beni e le Attività Culturali, Regione Emilia Romagna-Assessorato alla Cultura