Bicycles in hotel: ours are special!

bicycles in hotel


Dear friends, welcome back to our blog! Today we have a crackling news! We are talking about our beautiful bicycles in the hotel!
As you already know we are ambassadors of objects’ recycling ,with sense and creativity, in any sectors.
Think about the amazing sculptures of Lucia Lupan, exposed on viale Vespucci. It’s waste art, pure and mesmerizing, that the feminine art of Mutonia has created for us. Solaio the porcupine, Chopper the squirrel, and Rios the seahorse, welcomed our customers from above and they express our personality.

Solaio the porcupine created by Lucia Lupan.

Already last year we made the same bikes available, but they did not find the deserved success.
Eh, well. Of course, they lacked personality! Then, the legendary Fabio, had a great idea: to paint them with bright and beautiful colors … and yet unmistakable!

Our bibycles in the hotel: they are unique!

Let’s take a closer look at these explosions of colors and creativity: there’s the orange one, the electric blue one, the yellow one. Yellow is also the wonderful flag, which shows, in our style, their origin!
But it is not only this that makes our bicycles unique in the hotel: there is also the trumpet! Yes, because the bikes are not equipped with a simple bell: each has a glorious trumpet to be used as a horn, and the sound is of a unique liking. Surely it does not go unnoticed!
It's the simple things that are the most important: whisk for Rimini with a bike of these colors, breathing the spring air that is coming, it will be an unforgettable experience, we are sure!
Why not take advantage of spring offers? Our super fluo bikes are waiting for you!

 Easter Offer – Amusement parks
 Easter Offer – Hinterland Excursion
● Offer First of May – Hinterland Excursion
● Offer First of May – Amusement Parks

In the picture a beautiful, radiant, smiling and wonderful Elisa! Thank you so much
for these wonderful shots!