A day at Casa Macanno between animals and nature

Una giornata a Casa Macanno tra natura e animali_4

Hello everyone and welcome back on the Blog of Hotel Corallo Rimini.

Today we are pleased to tell you about one of the 2021 news: The Fiedltrip to Casa Macanno!

Finally the sunny days have arrived and we are finishing preparations for the reopening.
There are very few days and we look forward to welcoming you back to our hotel!

Have you ever heard of Farmer Tradition?
On our Site we have added a section that will see as main themes all initiatives related to our hinterland Rimini.

Orti e natura

As you know, we have a strong attachment to our land and, in particular, to “Casa Macanno”.

Una giornata a Casa Macanno tra natura e animali_1

During the summer period that awaits us we have scheduled a series of events that will be held every Thursday for all those who decide to live a day immersed in our rural reality,  with products made at zero km, surrounded by numerous animals.

Do not worry, you will not be alone in this adventure, because with us there is the super guide Eugenio, who has been following this wonderful project with lots of love for years.

Casa Macanno also hosts the project “Mille Orti per la città”.

Una giornata a Casa Macanno tra natura e animali_2
It is a beautiful residential structure for the disabled, surrounded by the green area of Casa Macanno.

The main objective of this project is to promote the social integration of guests in the structure: the children carry out daily small maintenance and cleaning work, cultivate small gardens and take care of the fruits.


We at Hotel Corallo Rimini are really proud of all these initiatives in close contact with nature and we are happy to share them with our customers.

Let’s now pass to the technical information about the Trip to Casa Macanno:

  • Every Summer Thursday at 3:00pm we will leave from Hotel Corallo Rimini with our cars and snack bag (sweet or salty) prepared with great care by our exceptional Chef;
  • 3:30 pm Eugenio, the guide of the project “Mille Orti per la città”, will welcome you and introduce the initiative;
  • 4:00pm there will be a workshop with an educator who will make you discover the world of bees, vegetable gardens and animals;
  • 5:00pm for those who want can enjoy a tasty snack in the green area of Casa Macanno or return to the Hotel.

If you also want to enjoy a day in the Romagna hinterland, you just have to book your fieldtrip!

See you soon! Have a nice day