South Romagna: a video clip during the lockdown

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Dear friends we miss you so much, that last friday we did something new, an important step: we started a weekly appointment with a Facebook live, that will get us closer. We presented to you a video of South Romagna made during these days of lockdown.

These lives, each week, will have specific themes, an agenda rich of curiosity about our land, food, and identity.

The video for south Romagna: a sign of unity

The video that we told you about is a “selfless” act. A local winery, Enio Ottaviani, hired a company specialized in filming from high ground for professional reasons. Shootings are beautiful, suggestive, and absolutely unrepeatable.

The times of lockdown, where everything seemed to stop, when all places are quiet with no sounds, showed the natural views that must be seen. The company realized this and gave this video, which may be nothing for a marketing use, but is rich for the local identity.

We presented to you in these lives and comments confirmed the beauties of these shootings. Here is a link where to watch it.

San Giovanni in Marignano, Malatesta’s barn

A more deep insight was given to San Giovanni in Marignano, on the borders with Marche. It’s a small town that was used as a defense by House Malatesta against the neighbor’s Duchy of Montefeltro.

It is worth talking about the team that was hired by Sigismondo Pandolfo of Malatesta, in the project of the siy wall. A project that was used to protect one of five most important economic centers of South Romagna: indeed, San Giovanni in Marignano.

The team had many important names, and the one in charge was Filippo Brunelleschi. The project was built between 1438 and 1442, but the city wall was inspired by Constantinople. The team for the construction of military infrastructure was called “War Council” and it happened to have among its members, not only Brunelleschi, also Piero della Francesca, Roberto Valturio and Leon Battista Alberti.

We are rich in history, in every single place. And everytime we tell them to you, we feel like we’re honoring this Land, made of “laughs and passio”, called Romagna!