Solaio: our porcupine from our hinterland!

Solaio: our porcupine from our hinterland

Her name is Solaio, and she comes from our wonderful hinterland

It ‘nice to celebrate our origins! Hotel Corallo loves our hinterland and natural life around our rivers (Marecchia, Conca, Tavollo …) and our castles (Montefiore, Montebello, Montescudo …). We have a wonderful artistic and natural heritage to be valued, and we try to celebrate it with original initiatives

We love little things, small hidden animals in our woods. They are timid, but with a lot of story to tell. We decided to commission an artwork to a mutoid, Lucia Lupan from Mutonia: Solaio is a mischievous porcupines.

Why all this?

Because the little things, the delicacy of the stories, are oxygen for all of us at this time. Now we need beauty, tenderness and love.

We tell a territory with genuine hospitality, transforming a job into the pleasure of exercising it. See you soon with the next wood-pet, directly from our beautiful hinterland!

Solaio is being born!