San Leo: back to 1400!

San Leo: back to 1400

San Leo, 30 km from Rimini: this week end with an extraordinary historical event!

Our readers already know: we like to tell about events in our countryside. San Leo is a fantastic, especially loved place. It has an incredible charm, an incalculable historical value.  San Leo has the magical aura that still surrounds the figure of Giuseppe Balsamo, Count of Cagliostro (for a summary on his amazing life story, you can read HERE).

The event, Saturday, October 3 and Sunday, October 4

The event is organized in San Leo to join the inter-regional project for tourism development: “Borghi aperti”. For the occasion, many areas will be rebuilt with historical characters; you can visit the guided tours that are organized during the two days at fixed times. The visit includes the rooms of the armory, kitchens and other environments typical of a military fortress.

San Leo joined also the National Day of Families at the Museum, which will be on Sunday, October 4, the day when the whole family can be visit together with the museum to enjoy the art of the past, to visit the area in which they live and its traditions.

The importance of the historical re-enactments

“Historical events” for us does not mean only “attraction” for tourists and visitors. If we think about it, this opportunity is important also for the country itself and and associations that organize. The Sense of “Community”, in fact, is also built so too.

In the same time begins a little miracle: more local people believe in their history, most visitors from outside are fascinated.

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