Pennabilli between art and history.

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In this Monday of spring sun, we are going to reveal some more secrets about our wonderful Valmarecchia, in particular about Pennabilli, the Southest commune of Emilia Romagna.

Its history dates back to the Etruscan-Roman time, around 410 a.C., during which were established the first settlements.

Later, around I millennium a.C.,during the barbarian invasions, its lands became a shelter for those peoples who lived around the Marecchia river, who settled on the rock where they built a more and more structured place, until after several years it became a castle.

It is interesting the origin of the name ‘Pennabilli’, that probably only a few people know. It derives from the territorial conformation of the place dominated by two hills: Penna (from the latin “Pinna” which means “top”, “peack”), and Billi (from the latin “Bilia”, that is “ top among the trees”).

Pennabilli, as years went by, acquired a remarkable religious importance. It is considered the religious capital of Montefeltro and the Bishop’s see of San Marino-Montefeltro’s Diocese.

During the centuries, the presence of the diocese left a number of monument to admire, such as the Cathedral, Saint Augustine’s Shrine with the monument of the Madonna delle Grazie, the Nunnery of Agostiniane, the Church and the Hospital of Misericordia.

Pennabili occupies a role of remarkable importance not only as regards its history, but also for the presence of real works of art: fittings and works the commune has inherited from Master Tonino Guerra. The latter, together with Pennabili’s National Antique Trade Exhibition Association, planned and created the museum “I Luoghi dell’Anima”, considered unique. Almost all the fittings are in the open air and the visit is free.

Pennabilli is the ideal place where you might spend a spring or summer day, as a choice to a sultry day on the beach, maybe You will be absorbed by its history, its art and by the excellent food you can find throughout all the Valmarecchia valley.