Frontali Extra Virgin Oil: what a taste for Easter!

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Dear friends, it’s February! It’s time to start to plan the spring, Easter holiday, the 25th of April … and all the occasions, that will give us the opportunity to be all together with our families, and loved ones!
Today we want to tell something really special. Last Easter, with great satisfaction of our customers, we organized a tasting of the extra-virgin oil from Roberta Frontali Farm, in San Lorenzo a Monte, province of Rimini.
We will soon repeat this experience! And read how!

FRONTALI EXTRA-VIRGIN OIL: The gold of our hills!

Frontali extra-virgin oil is made in our Hinterland’s vineyard. We really love it e you could find it also on our dining room buffet.
We love it a lot and you can also find it on our buffet.
With love and with so much dedication, Roberta Frontali takes care of the vineyards with great knowledge, and it is not easy considering that they are twelve hectares of clay soil where, among the five thousand plants, even five hundred ancient olive trees grow.
The care of oil production is not just connected to the earth. To obtain oil with excellent organoleptic characteristics, adequate equipment and a great knowledge of the oil production process are necessary.

The olives are harvested directly from the plant and at the right point of maturation, are ground within two days, to obtain an oil with high organoleptic quality. In the 2014-2015 year the acidity in oleic acid was 0.09 and the number of peroxides 7.33. These values demonstrate the high quality of the product, which remains in stainless steel tanks, in an air-conditioned environment and at a constant temperature of 15 °.


During Easter 2017 our customers were able, during the tasting organized by us, to try various types of oil. In the Frontali oil vineyards, in San Lorenzo a Monte, more varieties of olive trees are grown: the Leccino, Correggiolo, Frantolio, Maurino, Coratina …
And, as you know by now, we were pleased to offer the tasting of oil with the delicious piadina, typical of our land!


The tastings are varied and tasty. In addition to the piadina, the various types of oil are in fact combined with jams produced by Frontali, also cheese, bread.
What are you waiting for? Come and visit us! Here Romagna is alive, feels and tasted!