Extravirgin oil Romagna Dop: Brisighella and “Colline di Romagna”

Olio extravergine di Romagna

Dear friends, waiting to be able to confirm our beloved excursions in Romagna territories, we will tell you some information about the delicacies of our land. In this case, on the extra virgin olive oil of Romagna, which boasts two Protected Designations of Origin (PDO).

As we all know, Designation of Origin is a trademark of legal protection that is attributed by the European Union to foods whose qualities strictly depend on the territory in which they were generated and produced.

The olive groves, from where these extra virgin oils come from, are all around the hills that are part of our Hinterland, which shows beautiful landscapes to see. Row of grapes and olive groves are part of our cultural heritage, and for this reason, the oils with PDO denominations are a great pride for us.

Extravirgin oil of Romagna: the first DOP one is “Colline di Romagna”

In 1992, the one called the DOP label was classified as “Colline di Romagna.” It is a blend (mixture) of several olives that grow in our area. These are mainly Correggiolo and Leccino olive trees. The percentage to be respected for a correct denomination is this: 60% of Correggiolo, 40% of Leccino and the remaining 10% of other minor varieties.

Here, in addition to the hint of olive, there is the aroma of cut grass. Of spiciness and medium bitterness, it has an almond aftertaste

Extravirgin oil of Brisighella: the second DOP labeled

The DOP certification for this type of oil arrived in 1998. It takes its name from the Romagna locality Brisighella, which is located in the province of Ravenna and which is classified as one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

To be called PDO, extra virgin olive oil must be present in its blend: 90% of Nostrana di Brisighella olives. It is an oil with a nice temper: it has intense fruity notes, spicy and bitter peaks with references to the hint of tomato and artichoke.

Even from the point of view of EVO oil, therefore, our land tastes good. We look forward to being able to direct you again to our remote hinterland corners, to savor our wonderful Romagna from every point of view.