Sourdough bread at hotel Corallo: his name is Totò

Sourdough bread at hotel Corallo: his name is Totò

Sourdough bread: the Benefits

  1. Before telling you about  Toto’s, the sourdough used by our Chef to make bread at Hotel Corallo, we want to offer you a survey of the numerous benefits that sourdough brings to the organism.
  2. The bacterial flora producing leavening is varied, while the brewer’s yeast contains a bacterium only: the Saccharomyceis Cerevesiae. The sourdough, besides a more varied ‘bouquet’ of bacteria contains also milk enzymes such as the Lactobacillus and the Pediococcus. These bacteria, so varied and numerous, make bread more digestible because they are less concentrated than in the artificial yeast.
  3. A slow leavening allows the Lactobacylli to produce lactic acid of acetic type which improve the absorption of calcium and minerals.
  4. The glycemic supply of  sourdough-made bread is almost halved: the bacteria dissociate gluten and other nutrients totally, making them more digestible and pulling the glycemic value down.
  5. The concentration of bacteria and a slow leavening make those who use to eat sourdough-made bread  feel better full up.

Totò: a more than 60-year-old sourdough!

totò il lievito madreOne of our chef Giuliano’s dear friends, preserves a very precious sourdough: a 60-year-old one!
Giuliano got  a little of it as a gift and he always  makes bread using nothing but Totò.

The name? It is a dear reference to the Parthenopean origins of our new friend in the kitchen.

As usual, the choice of the sourdough is consistent with what we try to do every day in our way of cooking: keeping the taste unvaried, we use to propose genuine food, paying  special attention to raw materials .



Here you are two of Giuliano’s creations using Totò: milk-made and cockscomb-made bread .

We are waiting for you to taste our delicious and healthy delicacies together!




Credits for the beautiful pics: Francesca Mona