San Patrignano’s ricotta: the land into Easter’s ‘cappelletti

Do you know San Patrignano? A precious rehabilitation center that, since the seventies, has housed drug addicts giving them new opportunities, teaching them skills in handicraft and professionalism. The result? An amazing quality as regards food, clothes and fantastic objects, all made in the heart of Rimini’s hinterland. 
Today, we’re talking about ricotta, the protagonist of the filling of our very tasty ravioli, at Easter.

San Patrignano‘s Ricotta: a blast of taste! 

San Patrignano has become a synonym of extreme quality: everything they sell in their SP.accio, shop and pizzeria, such as various kinds of cold meats and salami, pizza and wine, has become a ‘must’ for us as far as taste and quality are concerned. 
All these firt-rate products are made inside the rehabilitation center where the guys, headed by great experts in this sector, can learn and master peculiar skills they will be able to use to start a new life. 
Now, let’s talk about San Patrignano‘s ricotta: it’s a real blast of taste and flavour!
In our brochure about cheeses it is described as follows: 


Our ricotta is therefore creamy and slightly sweetish. It can be eaten as it is or seasoned with salt and extra-virgin olive oil or sugar. It is also used as an ingredient in more complex dishes. Due to the properties of our ricotta (its creaminess, slight sweetness and grassy hints), it is best served with a wine that is equally delicate, young, velvety and which has a bouquet of plant aromas. To be consumed fresh.”

Our Easter’s cappelletti: chef Giuliano Auletta chooses the land. 

How have we used San Patrignano‘s ricotta? Our chef Giuliano Auletta prepared the filling for the cappelletti, handmade by our ‘sfoglina’ Graziella (click here to read her story)!
Here are some pictures showing her while she’s making them.