Safety restaurant: how we recreated meals time

ristorante in sicurezza

Dear friend, it is beautiful to hear your voices again! The phone rings and we are happy that this different summer is still going to amazing experiences, to do all together. Many are questions, so we decided to create a space for all your Frequently Asked Questions. One of them regards our restaurant. How will it be adjusted? Here more details.

How to organize the restaurant in hotel with total safety: first by following the rules!

  1. Social distance? For us means more space. At Hotel Corallo Rimini we developed in the best way the rules given by the region, so we can guarantee safety during the vacation. Luckily we do not have a problem of space at Hotel Corallo Rimini, and the restaurant organized wirth distanced tables in order to follow all the rules.
  2. Buffer: we serve you what you want. Aside from social distancing between tables, also the service of meals has been changed. Our buffer will be served by our staff, with all the protection needed. Our staff will take care to give us the meal you choose and everything will happen in total safety. For dinner is provided a menù a la carte for the main entree. Sides and desserts will be alway at the buffer.
  3. Where to eat? Here our many options! You can choose where to eat! If you’re staying in one of our Junior Suites, that have a price acces to our terrace, eating in that space will be one beautiful alternative. You can also have dinner, lunch or dinner in your room if you feel more safe. Also our garden can be used! In short, the use of space was recreated for your meals, and you can choose any place you feel safer.
  4. Lunch box and meal under the umbrella: it will be fun! As we explained in the article dedicated to our safety guide on beach, the managers must open their beaches and keep theri service until 10:00 p.m. so we can also have people that do not want to have dinner in the hotel. We’re making a delicious menu for specific meals for take out. As you can see our organization is really wide and everyday can be a new adventure with “taste” and “health”.

ristorante in sicurezza

Those who know us, are aware that challenges are not a problem. Safety at the resteraunt  is one of these, but your health is our priority.

The difference, we believe, is how you respond to challenges. We believe that bumps in the road can help with change and can be a way to give something more, to our customers.

We are sure that even the restaurant service will be a nice “chapter” and will give satisfaction also this year. It will be just more flexible in its ways.

Contact us with any other questions, and come to visit us! We cannot wait!

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