Giuliano Auletta’s semolina bread: when “cold” is our friend!

Pane di Semola con lievito madre

Dear friends of Hotel Corallo Rimini, today, we will tell you a story in which the main protagonist is bread making made with passion and technique. These are not the only ingredients that make this special. Our unique element is cold! 

Start with some information about our last session of breadmaking by Chef Giuliano Auletta. We already told you how the bread made by  “alive” yeast, which turns in processing, aroma, and crunchiness of semolina bread. We explained that leavened happens gradually with fermentation in cell, and it results in external crunchiness and inside softness. Furthermore, in today’s semolina bread (which you can find in the beautiful photos of Fabio), there is a further passage concerning the cold, which significantly helps the digestibility and pancreatic function of the organism.

pane di semola

We froze our semolina bread for digestibility and glycemic impact.

What we try to do in our kitchen is known to many of you. Giuliano, the chef, tries to combine taste and palate with the right food solutions for our body, whether it is gluten-free or gluten-free dishes. When our kitchen is invaded by the delicate aromas of bread, we know that Giuliano prepares it and breaks it down for a specific reason. 

The cold splits the starches! In this way, it becomes highly digestible, and insulin influence falls considerably!

“The ingredients of this semolina bread are water, semolina, salt, sourdough, and a small percentage of seed oil. To all this must be added tenacity, experimentation, passion, technical and chemical competence. Only with the desire for this work, no results are obtained: we also need a meticulous study of the world of leavened products, which allows us to create crunchy and tasty bread that our customers are never tired of it.

Surely they eat so much because the feeling at low temperatures makes the starch molecules already split, a process that usually begins with digestion. Knowing how to create a leavened product that is very pleasing and that is well-tolerated, from an essential sense to my work “.

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