Blackthorn Mushroom: April taste!

Blackthorn Mushroom: unique taste!

What blackthorn Mushroom? Well, those who live in our hinterland knows that in April there is a small miracle of taste in our nature!
This mushroom is linked to the tradition of St. George (on April 23th). This mushroom have a very particular taste, slightly tart, intensely aromatic and texture tough and compact.
Its scientific name is Calocybe gambosa, and has a very interesting peculiarity: practically reproduces itself drawing circles in the ground. Its trace are between hawthorn bushes, wild rose, juniper and the same blackthorn (Prunus spinosa, small tree with purple fruit, similar to small plums).

Its taste is perfect for noodles!

Hotel Corallo, as you know, loves to collect the treasures of the local gastronomy. Our chef Giuliano Auletta love to discover the the tipical local flavor, in the sea and in our countryside.
That’s why he chose to take home a nice amount of blackthorn mushrooms and keep jealousy in oil. We are ready to delight you with its flavor!
Blackthorn mushrooms have to be cooked gently: our “azdòre” love to prepare with them sauce for “home-made pasta”.
Once stew vegetables (carrot, onions, celery diced) in extra virgin oil, add the blackthorn mushroom coarsely diced.

Blackthorn should cook very fast and gently, to keep intact factory notes and taste. The noodles are really good as well! To keep them slippery, after the addition of sloe juice emulsify just a bit with good extra virgin olive oil and a little cooking water to pasta.
This delicate blackthorn mushrooms are also excellent with polenta!

One recommendation: pick it big and do not use rake!

The blackthorn mushrooms was often victim of unscrupulous people. So now the Italian law provides for collection limits: the hat should be at least 2 cm and is prohibited collect with rakes or tools that can ruin the humus with the spores and mycorrhizae in the soil necessary for reproduction.