Al Meni, Rimini: the best italian food with Fellini’s atmosphere

Al meni, Rimini: the best italian food, the best Emilia Romagna’s and European chef, show cooking and food-tasting

We love this event (from June 19th  to 21st in Rimini, park Federico Fellini)!.  The title is the name of a beautiful Tonino Guerra’s creation (Tonino Guerra is the most beloved poet in Romagna). In fact, “Al Meni”, “Hands” in local dialect, is one of his poems.

There is also a component exquisitely typical of Rimini: the atmosphere! The place of this event (for show cooking, tastings with products used in the best restaurants in Italy, Slow Food laboratories) is a circus, in order to remember the ” 8 and 1/5″ film and the “dream world” of Federico Fellini.

The performance will be more interesting under the tent:   the best 12 chefs of Emilia Romagna  and 12 young international chefs  will take turns in cooking shows and live performances in front of your eyes!

Massimo Bottura (chef n. 2 in the world) will alternate between the stove and the console (it will also Dj!).

The products tasting will feature 60 of the best farmers and wine producers in Emilia Romagna.

Rimini never disappoints:  good food and atmosphere dream has here always a plus!


Here is the site:

The poster (you can download it HERE):

This is a video with the atmosphere of the first edition in 2014, which counted 60 thousand people!