Travel with dogs: the perfect ebook for whom loves animals!

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Dear friend, it is now possible to download from this link the ebook that we created with much passion and love for our pets. It’s named “10 advices to travel with your dog” and it has ten good tips to enjoy your holiday with our friends in the most satisfying way possible, including travel.

“10 useful advices to travel with your dog” is an important reminder

We are sure that you all have the right routines and habits to live the moment of the move in peace. However, our ebook wants to be a support tool to be reread every time you embark on a journey, in order to always have in mind those attentions that make quality time in the car for everyone.

In the e-book, however, we are not just talking about cars: travel is considered in a generic sense, and you will also find tips for the train or ship.

The vet’s consultation

Particular attention was given to the ways of relieving the most recurrent annoyances that occur during the journey, such as motion sickness. We consulted our trusted veterinarian, and also used our experience (with Jack, Delicia, Nina and Asia we have accumulated a fair amount of experience).

Whether from a “palliative” or “allopathic” point of view, you can find, in our publication, some good tips to save our pets as much inconvenience as possible.


The advice we care about most is the tenth: choose hotels that love pets, who can help you manage time diligently, so that it is of quality. Here is an excerpt from advice number ten:

“Here are our services as a Pet-Hotel in Rimini:

• specific hygiene of the rooms (we have an ozone machine);

• bowls, mats and comforts in case the family cannot bring them from home;

• an internal regulation that can manage the presence of dogs, which must be able to feel good in the same way as those who do not have a dog;

 the plus of pluses: a dedicated area in the dining room where our dog can keep us company during meals, separated from the main room to respect the other diners.

• Equipped beach. Here a premise is necessary: ​​those who love their dog know that he may not like high temperatures. Indeed, perhaps he would like to skip the afternoon by the beach. However, for those who prefer to take them with them, and for those dogs who always want to be with their owners, it is good to choose a structure that has a specific bathhouse close to it for dogs.

• dog educator, vet and dog-sitter always available. With the health of pets, no joke, always make sure that the facility that welcomes you has a good vet and that is always available. We have it! Our trusted dog sitter, on the other hand, will allow you to spend afternoons at Aquafan or Oltremare while he walks in the cool of the gardens of Rimini. “


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