What to do in Rimini during winter with your dog

Bellezza estrema...
The photo above of Claudio Cade shows a Spanish Greyhound during the gathering at the Corallo Rimini hotel last March.

Dear friends, today, on the blog of the Hotel Corallo Rimini, we want to give you some information regarding an autumn or winter holiday in Rimini together with your dog.

We always want to repeat: if you love your furry friends, you know that they will suffer at home during your absence. Bring them with you during your vacation or business stays. Choose a suitable structure to accommodate the pet world, where they are pampered and covered with attention (we also have homemade cookies just for them!).

What to do in Rimini with your furry friend

Words of Jack, Delicia, Nina and Asia: Rimini is beautiful to live with your furry friend during the winter season.

Let’s see together what are the things most loved by our dogs in winter:

  1. The beach. No umbrellas, no sunbeds. In front of our friends’ paws, there is only one vast (and amusing) stretch of sand. Dogs are free to run, dig, dive in the water at all hours of the day. Imagine how pleasant it is to take a nice walk at sunrise or sunset, perhaps throwing sticks at our furry friends to make them play. We are sure that every little dog would have a great time, and every walk would become an adventure.
  2. The parks. A five-minute walk from us is Renzi Park. It offers a very long crossing and emerges in the Giovanni Paolo II Park with a beautiful and large lake. The ideal is to stop on the shore and take a small and poetic break, perhaps with children in tow. Another park that is perfect for the furry is the XXV April Park, which runs along the Marecchia River. This large park is accessed from the Tiberius bridge, and the walk is enjoyable for the four legs. All the mentioned parks, in fact, are equipped with walkers where dogs can leave the leash for a moment and have fun running a little.

What are you waiting to visit us with your dog? If you love animals, always choose a hotel that does the same. Our passion is also yours!