Biscuits for dogs: chef Giulio recreates ad hoc!

Biscotti per Cani prodotti artigianalmente all'Hotel Corallo

Dear friends, today, with this article, we want to delight the palate and the appetite of your pets! We reveal some secrets of our dog biscuits, the ones you always find fresh and crunchy at the reception!

First of all, let’s specify the main feature of these cookies: it is an improvement recipe. As you may know or imagine, for us, respect for food and raw materials is in the first place. Our biscuits, in fact, derive from the experiments and tests that our chef Giuliano Auletta puts into practice every day.

Working intensively on ingredients and procedures that allow his cuisine to be suitable for the palate but also for the body, Giuliano has often found himself with excellent quality material, but maybe it wasn’t perfect. He thought well, therefore, to allocate this raw material to our furry friends. But how are our cookies made? How should they be cooked?


The characteristics of our dog biscuits

“The dog biscuits that you find during the welcome at the hotel are gluten-free because they come from gluten-free bread doing experiments – explains chef Giuliano Auletta.

Gluten is given in small parts to dogs, but it is better not to abuse it. In fact, they do not have in their saliva the ability to pre-digest gluten by chewing (salivary amylase), and their pancreas can be fatigued.

The flour used is always rice flour

Sugar, if present, has almost no percentage. It is not suitable for dogs, and this is well known.

The dough with which I make biscuits is enriched with fibers, mostly inulin, which promotes intestinal transit.

Then there is the protein part, made up of eggs. Of course, there is no yeast. “

Giuliano kneads these ingredients to obtain a moldable compound that can go in the oven for 16-18 minutes at 170 degrees Celsius until the biscuits are golden brown. Never waste anything but, like us, always look for a smart recovery for quality ingredients.

The dog biscuits you find at the reception are loved by our four-legged guests! Jack, Delicia, Nina, and Asia’s words!