The shop at Hotel Corallo Rimini: take us at home!

Bottega Hotel Corallo Rimini

At the Hotel Corallo Rimini, everything turns in one direction: to make you live an authentic experience, to make you “taste” Romagna, in all its nuances!

For this reason, we wish that the “essence” of your holiday, can also be experienced in your home and remembered as much as possible.

What Should you do? Please take a look at our shop and discover a thousand ways to live there, even after the holiday!

The shop at hotel Corallo Rimini: thousands flavors and memories!

Remember when we talked about the natural blend of gluten-free flours created by our chef Giuliano Auletta? Or our tasty piadina always gluten-free? We are sure that people with celiac disease will be happy to bring these delicacies home, created, and studied with respect for the body and, of course, for taste and flavor.

And then biscuits of all kinds produced by us, with and without gluten. The gluten-containing flour with which we make them, and which you find in our shop, comes from inland mills that love to grind the wheat as it once was, strictly stone! No refined flour on our shelf! You will also find jams, preserves, mustards … all purely natural and tasty.

bottega hotel corallo rimini

On our counter also oil and wine, respectively gold and blood of our beloved Romagna. We always supply from companies in our area. We choose them because they deeply respect the raw materials and for the ethical aspect with which they engage in the realization of their products.

A welcome gift: Cervia’s sweet tile salt to cook

Have you ever cooked with a salt tile? Using this type of cooking allows you to cook tasty dishes, healthily and elegantly, without adding cooking salt or fats. Just heat it in the oven or on the stove following the instructions, and, through the induction of heat, the tile cooks the food while remaining hot for a long time.

In fact, it is very spectacular to bring the tile to the table and finish cooking the dishes in front of the diners’ eyes. The sweet salt of Cervia and the briquettes are gifts from Romagna made of flavor, health, and superfine taste!

Basically, it is our philosophy of hospitality, in brick format.