In this time we need beautiful stories and positive tales. Today we want to delight you with an antidote to sadness: Nadia’s smile!

Nadia e Cristina, alle prese con le prenotazioni.

Nadia arrived at the Hotel Corallo Rimini with a contagious smile and a great desire to get involved. Through the voluntary organization Crescere Insieme, which deals with work integration projects for people with Down syndrome, Nadia has explored many of the sides of the hotel and hospitality world with us.

Nadia is a great resource because she is willing, methodical and applies in many sectors with passion and joy. He helps the girls in cleaning the rooms, brings the coffee and helps the breakfast staff … in short, he always manages to obtain excellent results in everything that aims.

For Fabio, however, his most precious talent comes to the surface when he is in contact with guests. According to him, the most suitable place for her is in the breakfast room, because everyone can be infected by her smile and good humor.

Happy Nadia in the breakfast room.

“Crescere Insieme” takes care of integration projects since 2004

A life in full autonomy for children with Down syndrome (or other handicap or social disadvantage) is the main objective of the SB to Grow Together. The internship, the work at structures that are concerned with instilling their knowledge and experience is an important step in being able to demonstrate that you have a dignified future and believe in yourself.

Our Nadia is like the Sun: smiling and rich in resources and for us, welcoming you into our big family is a great and immense pleasure.