Team HOTELCORALLORIMINI: together we reach goals!

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Dear friend this article on our blog is a bit different, it means joy and satisfaction, and sharing with you a real moment of happiness that saw the entire staff.

Fabio and Cristina have decided to celebrate the reopening and the amazing results reached, with a special moment.

In fact, the season opened in the midst of a thousand uncertainties, but the whole team reacted with great strength and commitment to continue towards the future.

Security measures have been taken that have given new value to our services and luckily, reservations are flooding. We are really happy to be able to say that our team aims straight at a process of regeneration and evolution of our hospitality. We aim for an ever better quality service, while remaining spontaneous and sincere, as our land wants. Here, summarized by paragraphs, the reasons why we celebrated

Team HOTELCORALLORIMINI reaches the Top-Ten among 648 hotels in Rimini, on Tripadvisor

Among one of the reasons is the reaching of gaol, that gave us much satisfaction: we are among the first ten hotels in Rimini of 648 hotels, regarding the satisfaction and appreciation of the guests, expressed on Tripadvisor. The top-ten is an amazing result that comes from hard work and real passione for our job.

The safety measures are with elegance and style, and our customers appreciate them

What was supposed to be an anti-Covid-19 security measure has become a choice of style: many guests enjoyed our buffet and complimented us on the choice. Gluten-free customers feel even more protected, and no-gluten free customers love the result and are very happy with the new arrangement.

squadra hotel corallo rimini

The beauty of being a team and reaching the best goals

Coming together and talking about the journey we had: this is what last evening was all about. The guest can sense how close we are and they realize in what we do there is more order and less waste. For green-hotel like us, this is really important.

What we can say is that we’ll keep going this way, and we always try to give you the best. We wait for you at Hotel Corallo Rimini, with all the passion for this hospitality job.

Here some moments of the evening: