Shop Hotel Corallo Rimini: excellent experiences!

shop hotel corallo rimini

Dear friends, surely most of you have noticed two very interesting details published on our channels. Both on the Facebook page and on our website there are very particular and interesting articles for “sale”.

Since we decided to disclose the wonders of our hinterland, to tell them and to make our beloved guests appreciate them, we have discovered around us more and more experiences full of meaning.

Experiences” is the right term: tourism must increasingly take on the appearance of sections of life to be savored with open eyes and heart. It must propose brackets of time lived intensely, moments that leave you with feelings for which it is worth having chosen one place rather than another.

Let’s take an example: among our excursions we have the “Rimini of Federico Fellini“: a parallel journey between “Rimini Reale” and “Rimini Felliniana”, the one of Amarcord and the places linked to the childhood and adolescence of the brilliant director who marked the our city.

For us it is truly a journey through time, in the dream of the one who told Rimini with that poetry and that dreamlike dimension that has become a true and timeless myth.

shop hotel corallo rimini

Shop hotel Corallo Rimini: excellent experiences also inside

In addition to wonderful experiences in the most significant places in our area, we have decided to make available to you the opportunity to interact with us and with our skills. For example, it is possible to buy an online cooking course, starring our chef Giuliano Auletta.

Crackers, breadsticks, classic bread all gluten free: through a streaming platform it will be possible to follow our chef while he prepares the gluten-free delicacies we are used to and know well.

corso di cucina

In short, for us at the Corallo Rimini hotel it is essential to put our skills at your service and allow you to experience Rimini from as many points of view as possible. You can build your holiday as if it were a mosaic, with everything that fascinates you and you would like to do through the Hotel Corallo Rimini shop.

We are waiting for you, with a thousand surprises and even more!