“A thousand vegetable gardens for the city” and the vegetarian plate of Hotel Corallo Rimini

Carote Mille Orti per la Città

Dear friends, we are never tired of looking for, reforming and collecting ideas that can make our mission, welcoming, even more rich and exciting.

We decided to “adopt a vegetable garden” and to join the Rimini’s initiative “A thousand vegetable gardens for the city”. But what exactly does this mean?



cipolle mille orti per la città

“A thousand vegetable gardens for the city” and the awareness that cannot be for all the same job, but a job for everyone

The project to which we have adhered starts from an important concept: “There can be no autonomy without work. And the same job cannot be for everyone “.

And then, a synergy was born that is concerned with involving people with down syndrome or intellectual disability in agricultural activities that can be supported by the sale of cultivated products. Brilliant, isn’t it?

Here is a more precise explanation directly from the “Thousand Gardens for the City” project:

Mille Orti is an agricultural field on which work training projects aimed at people with Down syndrome, or intellectual disability will be activated, an innovative project that will give everyone an opportunity to try and care for a plot of land and cultivate ( or to cultivate) a vegetable garden, stay in contact with farm animals and learn urban horticulture methods.

In April 2019, in fact, the initiative was inaugurated in the green area of Casa Macanno, in Rimini, with the collaboration of Millepiedi Cooperative and Crescere Insieme association.

Not just green gardens to cultivate, but also interaction with farm animals and urban horticulture education. All in favor of the citizen! Yes, because, in addition to buying fresh vegetables at less than zero, it will also be possible to “adopt” an area of land. In this way, the fruits and vegetables produced from the selected piece of land can, in a certain sense, be booked, cooked, and served.

The vegetarian dish of a thousand vegetable gardens at Hotel Corallo Rimini

And it will be exactly like this: by adopting the space, by paying a small fee a month, with the vegetables produced, our chef Giuliano Auletta will prepare the “Mille Orti Vegetarian Dish.” The protagonists are absolute freshness and territory. Could we not join such an initiative? The virtuous cycle of benefits for all is beautiful and evident.

Who comes to taste the dish from Giuliano’s garden? We are waiting for you with open arms!