Hotel Corallo’s guest: a 50 years story!

A 50 years story Hotel Corallo

After 50 years, still holidays at Hotel Corallo: a story of love and smiles!

Paolo and Luisa choose to spend two weeks in July at our hotel. A great family with two great guys, Niccolò and Lawrence. Well, what’s the story means? It ‘s simple: they are back exactly 50 years since the last time!

In the picture there is  Paul, with his dad, at  the beach n. 35, the same as today, exactly 50 years ago! The summer was in 1965 or 66. But the story begins more years before! His parents were friends of a couple of Zurich much time before! Whitout Facebook was important year after year to keep alive relations and ties in the same place!

Paul still remembers the hotel manager at the time.

Here’s what he tells us Luisa:

   “My husband still remembers the figure of the hotel manager, Mr. Lanzetti, who dressed in a dark suit and white shirt with rigorous twins, always with a smile in the hotel and restaurant”.

Relationships are therefore the basis of everything! An italian song old song says “Same beach, same sea!”, To stay in touch and meet again year after year. Here is another picture in which the umbrella makes it clear where the family spent their holidays.

Here’s what he tells Luisa:

Our stay  was very pleasant, we felt at home! Keep in mind that we were traveling with my son Lorenzo, who stay on a wheelchair and is not always easy for us to find accommodation accessible with services and people that give you a hand.

On the beach number 35, the guys helped him also to bathe in the sea. So we were really good! We ate so wonderful (the taste was really amazing) and the kindness and friendliness of the owners and the people who work in the Hotel surprised us in our two week stay.

And I do not forget also the older son! Niccolò was involved  in some events organized by the nice guys of the animation. So a hotel that meets the needs of young and old. We will come back? Claro que si!