Breakfast buffet in total safety: how it works

buffet della colazione in sicurezza

Dear friend of Hotel Corallo Rimini, today in our blog, we’ll show you some pictures that show our disposition for our breakfast buffet.

As you know, and as we wrote in our FAQ (Frequent Asked Question), the restaurant service is revolutionary.

As we have already explained, we have tried to implement precisely and efficiently the legal regulations that our region has established to protect your customers. Among these rules are a series of precautions concerning the services of meals.

A glass structure for a breakfast buffet in total safety

Maybe you already know that our meals will be served by a person on the staff. And so will it be breakfast. Each of you will choose what they want to eat and our staff will give you what has been decided.

All of this won’t “weigh on” the taste of our breakfast, and the visuals will be better: the transparent glass is beautiful to watch, and bright. And also it will put under the spotlight the beauty and the goodness of our food, always richer and different even with the new way.

As you can see we alway try to be ourselves, keep our spirit, and not change what has done until now. However it’s important to keep you safe and make sure you’ll spend a happy moment, in total safety.

We’re waiting for you!

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