Phobia: gluten scares

Phobia: gluten scares

A lot of people choose, now, a gluten-free diet, but is it healthy?

Eating gluten free is a generic real trend.

170 thousand people are diagnosed with celiac disease in Italy (data from last Ministry of Health census), but two million families prefer a gluten-free diet and choose foods that do not contain it.

The data are presented a few weeks ago during  a national press event. They come from AIDEPI (Association of Industries and the Italian Dolce Pasta) dossier. “Gluten phobia” seems have increased the gluten-free world market 31% from last year.

The reasons for the gluten phobia

Italians choose gluten-free food because they think a gluten free diet is healthier and makes you lose weight.

A recent Nielsen study shows one interesting statistic: 11% of the population thinks, among other things, to lose weight by avoiding gluten.

Here’s an expert’s opinion on AIDEPI dossier.

“They are wrong! – says Luca Piretta nutritionist, specialist in gastroenterology and professor at the University Campus Bio-Medico of Rome – There isn’t scientific corrispondence between gluten-free diet and weight loss.
In gluten free cereals calories levels are higher. The protein portion of grains containing gluten is around 10-12%, while there is between 8 and 10% in gluten free cereals. They are also rich in carbohydrates (rice) or fat (millet or corn). “

The secret: organism respect

Our chef Giuliano Auletta often affirms that you must be careful replacing foods that have gluten.

Some alternative foods are without doubt prepared gluten free, but it have compositions with very high glycemic index, which is not good for our body.

Here at Corallo Hotel there is always ongoing nutritional research regarding raw materials, especially those naturally gluten free.

This is why we can call ourselves a real hotel for celiac people! Our kitchen is not only gluten-free, but rich in health and it is based on a fundamental principle: respect for the body as a whole.