Gluten-free business is here!

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Dear friends of the Corallo Rimini hotel,

what a wonderful September! We are taking advantage of this hot summer end to give you the best and prepare you for a beautiful autumn! Soon, through our social channels and a specific newsletter, we will tell you about our idea of business meetings. We are preparing an outdoor meeting model, facing the sea and enriched with delicacies that will amaze you. But what we want to underline with this article concerns celiac people and those who prefer a gluten free diet.

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Choose a business event perfect for the autumn season, think also about celiac people!

Often the “food” factor is underestimated in the choice of a meeting or product presentation or any shared working moment. Surely, as we all know, it is important to choose a location that ensures safety from the point of view of anti Covid protection. But, at a time when it is essential to rediscover the pleasure of being together and sharing business objectives, it is also good to take into account everyone’s dietary needs.

Specific data about gluten intolerance and allergies

“In Italy, in 2018, the number of celiacs reached 214,239 subjects with an increase of 7,500 diagnoses compared to last year. After the diagnosis certified by the competent Local Health Authority, to date the only prescription for celiac disease is a strictly gluten-free diet “.

The report presented by the associations that contains the data of 2018 is clear. The diagnosis of gluten intolerance and allergies are increasing and, even for business stays, it is essential to choose a hotel that can meet important health standards.

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Attention to any kind of needs: from intolerances to allergies

Hotel Corallo Rimini reassures its guests with more specific needs in particular diets. Allergies, intolerance … you just need to give a heads up to our staff and you’ll meet all the possible attention to eat in total safety.

We wait for you for a business meeting, safe under any point of view!