Fonio: gluten free and healthy

Phobia: gluten scares

What is fonio?

Fonio (Digitaria Exilis) is an ancient grain, native of Africa, gluten free. As you know, our chef Giuliano Auletta is always looking for raw materials that can combine taste, health and the absence of gluten.

Why? Because often substitutes have high glycemic index and have no complete respect of our organism. Fonio is healthy and it has good taste!

Nutritional properties

This cereal not presents in its composition the gliadin and glutamine proteins. It has  very low glycemic index and contains low level of sugar.

Another very interesting feature is the presence of many valuable minerals:  zinc, magnesium, calcium and manganese.

A curiosity? It is particularly precious for old people and for children! For children because it do not has gluten and is very suitable for weaning. For old people due to low glycemic value.

Also it is useful to lose weight: 100 g contains 444 kcal, 77 g of carbohydrates and 8 grams of protein.

Fonio at Hotel Corallo will be … greedy!

Our chef Giuliano Auletta is curious and really creative: look what he did with them! Cakes delicious, beautiful, gluten-free and healthy!