Chiacchiere gluten free: chef Giuliano’s recipe!

chiacchiere angel wings gluten free hotel corallo rimini

Dear friends of Hotel Corallo Rimini, today we’ll talk about a … tasty topic! Our chef Giuliano Auletta has explained to us his recipe of gluten-free angel wings.
We are in the most colorful period of the year, the Carnival week. Sweets, castagnole, candies and funny pranks are the order of the day, and we also want to contribute to bring a little ‘sweetness in your daily life.
We always have particulars attentions for the people who are gluten intolerant, and, even today, we want to dedicate a receipt created by our chef Giuliano Auletta.
These angels wing (or “chiacchiere”) are perfect for who eats gluten-free, and they’re also delicious and greedy for the whole family!

Giuliano Auletta’s recipe for gluten-free angel wings (“chiacchiere”)


● 500 g of gluten-free bread compound
● 175 g of whole eggs (about 3 of them)
● 175 g of Martini Dry vermouth
● 50 g of sugar


Knead all the ingredients until a soft dough is obtained.
Our chef is keen to specify that the amount of liquid ingredients can be variable. Depending on the preparation for bread that you decide to use, the absorption capacity of these ingredients changes. So you have to balance a little, paying attention to the consistency that must be soft but dry.
Speaking of liquid ingredients, if you do not have Martini Dry vermouth, you can substitute it with flavored white wine (boiled with some flavor like cinnamon) or with diluted liqueur wine (such as vin santo or malvasia).

Once kneaded everything, proceed with the spreading of the dough, until you reach a sheet of about 3 mm thick. Once the dough has been cut with the desired shape, fry at 175 ° in plenty of sunflower or peanut oil.

Season and decorate them as desired with honey or powdered sugar. Our chef prefers them with figs molasses.

Dear friends, good Carnival (without gluten!) And … enjoy your meal!