Excursions into Rimini hinterland: Cristian guides us to the beauty!

escursioni entroterra rimini

Hello to all Hotel Corallo Rimini’s friends!

Here we are, to tell something new about our welcoming philosophy, which is not- as you understand- a standard one. It’s a different way to organize a trip, with rich and new shades, that have also a pleasant approach about the beauties of our hinterland.


Since last years, in our rich and multicolored summer all-inclusive offer, we also have a trip. Our customers can choose between Historical Rimini, which is the most reachable by walk and the most know, or maybe a village of our Romagna: San Leo, Saludecio, or Longiano. Another amazing choice is Ravenna, to be surprised by the richness of the mosaics and the Byzantine cathedrals.
What also we’d like to explain to you, today, is also how our customers choose which excursion: as they arrived, or after they talked with relatives and friends, they choose the trip, by writing the preferred destination on a piece paper. Then they will put it inside a pot-bellied glass urn.

excursions rimini hinterland hotel corallo

And you? Where will you choose to go?


Who follows us knows that Cristina, our storyteller guides, resembles a fantastic mix of culture, knowledge, professionality, and … the irrepressible sympathy of Romagna. Our trips are the best occasion to get rich about the culture and be full of fun and enthusiasm.

Here the weekly schedule!


Walk through Saludecio, with its beautiful murals, which tell the history of the nineteenth century, the century that changed the word! Without forgetting Saint Amato Ronconi, the Pellegrin who went to Santiago de Compostela for f5 times, in the thirteenth century.

WALK through Borgo San Giuliano

A guided visit to the little street with a medieval atmosphere, Fellinian murals, stories of fishermen and sailors, and do not forget the Bridge of Tiberio.


Today we’re going to Ravenna, the story told by mosaics. A walk in the capital of Romagna, and three times capital of three Empires.


San Leo, a village, a myth sculpted in the stone”

The signs of humankind (and nature) are stuck in the rock since the Prehistoric Era. Sharps and fascinating places, which saw Dante, Saint Francesco, and Cagliostro. Landscapes to admire, millenary churches, a dark castle, sacrificial altars forget by the time passed, alleys and corners of poetry.
San Leo is a village made by stones, on a stone, to which its destiny is tied … like it floats on a huge rocky raft.
Roman Rimini: monuments, buildings, squares, life and costumes, curiosity about the Roman Epoch, of 2,000 years ago. With little speeches in Rimini dialect, to make everything in order to lighten the solemnity of the moment.


Walk in Longiano, the heart of Romagna. A “splash” into the Malatesta lordship, who were side by side with one of the most famous bandits of Romagna: Stefano Pelloni, known as “Il Passatore”, who occupied the village, during his raids, leaving also a sign as the memory of his passage.


RIMINI of Fellini: walk in the from the center of the Marina to the ancient city. We walk through the bicycle lane, which will lead us to visit the Roman Amphitheater, the Malatesta Temple, Piazza Tre Martiri, and the Arch of Augustus, and then we will back to the sea. During the walk the stories of a real life, poetries in dialect, pictures of that times, and of course Federico Fellini.