XXXIII Edition of Aquilonata on the Beach.

Good morning and have a nice Thursday!

This weekend, from 9th to 10th April, the sky over Rimini, by tradition, will be coloured with fantastic kites thanks to the XXXIII edition of Aquilonata (Flying Kites) on the Beach.

Everything was born several years ago from the great passion the organizers of the railwaymen’s club in Rimini had for kites. They established a real institution called Club Aquilonisti RiminiVola and shortly after they called a festival that, in a few years, got an international renown attracting dozens of lovers among adults and children.

During this weekend, from resort No. 18 to No. 20 you will see hundreds of kites fly and for the most curious, besides the flight, there is the opportunuty to learn how to make these wonderful flying objects according to different methods.

Even from the dining-room of our hotel, looking up in the sky, you will see hundreds of breathless-coloured or strange-shaped kites flying over Rimini’s beach, still free from beach umbrellas and beds.

In the morning will be introduced the various clubs of kite fliers, both Italian and foreign and we ‘ll see free flights.

In the afternoon, it will be the turn of static kites, then, the acrobatic ones, to the rhythm of music.

Even the kids will be involved in events and projects created suitably for them. In fact they will have the chance to take part in didactic labs where learning how to make a kite, using materials such as string, glue and paper.

The Aquilonata (Flying Kites) on the Beach besides having a ludic aim, has got also a charitable one. All the proceeds will be donated to RiminiAil, the Italian Association against Leukemias, in particular, to the hematology and oncohematology wards of Ospedale Infermi (Invalid Hospital) in Rimini.

A nice occasion to spend a couple of days on the beach, nearby the sea, to the rhythm of music, filled with joy watching multicoloured flying kites.

Waiting for that, enjoy the following photos taken by Vincenzo Urso during the last edition Of Aquilonata.