Rimini and Smiting, the Unconventional Culture Festival.

Spring has come at last, and with it also the week dedicated to Smiting, the festival of unconventional, surreal and ironical culture.

From 8th April, in Rimini is going to start the 7th Smiting edition which proposes to the public a wide calendar full of events, meetings and shows dealing with the topic of the year: “ Anti-heroes – just for one day”.

The ‘Nonsense Contest’ is here again, too. A nonsense, creative writing contest to which anyone can participate filling the form available on the official site of the event, within 6th April.
Next week’s most awaited appointment is the one scheduled on Sunday, 17th April: “ David-Bowie-Strasse, in which Andrea Chimenti is going to play David Bowie.

Let’s see the programme in details:

  • Friday, 8th April at 9 p.m., at the Cinema Comunale, via Gambalunga 27 is scheduled the first appointment with Marco Manetti and Antonio Manetti who will be awarded the Smiting Prize. On this occasion, will be introduced the festival and shown the movie “Song ‘e Napule”.
  • Saturday, 9th April at 6.30 p.m., at the Enoteca del Teatro, via Ortaggi 12, is scheduled the Smiting Gulp: “ The Anti-heroes, a conversation drawn on the anti-heroes of comics, with Ausonia and Mabel Morri”.
  • Sunday, 10th April at 9 p.m., at Circolo Milleluci, via Isotta degli Atti 8, will take place the Smiting Soirée: “ How shall we call the evening?”, a Smiting evening characterized by a talk show with presentations, short films, Smiting contests results and guests.
  • Friday, 15th and Saturday 16th April at 9 p.m., at the Cinema Teatro Tiberio, via S. Giuliano 16, will be shown -on first release and 2 further shows- “The Gag is on the Table”, written and directed by Alessandro Ciacci.

Finally, on Sunday 17th April, from 7 p.m., at the Theatre Ermete Novelli, via Cappellini 3, will take place the much awaited concert “David- Bowie-Strasse, Andrea Chimenti plays David Bowie”.
Thanks to his voice and acoustic guitar, Andrea Chimenti will sing David Bowie’s songs in its original form, mixed with Debussy and Beethoven, deleting the lines of conventionality.