“Parco del Mare”: the Rimini shore is changing

parco del mare a rimini

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Today we will talk about a project of change, much important for the city of Rimini and, in particular, for the shore that our hotel faces. Already in the last months of last year, some works started to realize the new “Parco del Mare ”. It is an ambitious project that will remodel the shore side, from Miramare to Torre Pedrera, in the next few years.

“Is a first step, for a long journey, that will see a change of the shore, with no more cars, and new functions, for a process that will go from Miramare to Torre Pedrera” explains Andrea Gnassi, mayor of Rimini.


parco del mare rimini

Therefore space for cycle and pedestrian paths, walks made of wooden slats and large green spaces populated by trees and vegetation will be created. The first two parts that will go under the changes are the Tinori shore in Marina Centro, and Spadazzi shore in Miramare.

Parco del Mare” will give a new image to Marina Centro, in both esthetic and functional ways. In fact the entire project will merge with the already started works, related to the safety of the plumber zone who ends precisely in the area adjacent to the sea.

parco del mare rimini

A truly revolutionary project that also includes 18 sardine-shaped flower beds, typical local fish, for a total of 400 square meters, in which an area for fitness activities will be created and the remaining parts will be embellished with grass and plants.

Every detail has been designed ad hoc by the design studio Miralles Tagliabue who took care of putting the “Parco del Mare” on the road. Even the benches, for example, will be made following the organic and ergonomic shape of the surrounding space.

parco del mare rimini


Numerous underground car parks have also been included in the project, around 400, created in the area near Piazza Fellini. A note also for the beaches that will be redeveloped and integrated into the Parco del mare project.

parco del mare a rimini

“The phase of renewal and regeneration of the waterfront has now started, both in the north and in the south and already this summer we will have the first signs of the radical transformation that has started.

An overall renovation of the entire waterfront, with the inclusion of new functions accompanied by a new way of living and enjoying the sea area of the city, which to be complete also requires a similar redevelopment of the beach, which must be renewed to be completely integrated with the new design of the waterfront and above all to intercept the new needs of users, maintaining competitiveness on an international level.

From aesthetics to accessibility, services, widespread quality and accessibility with all modes of transport will be increased. Transforming the waterfront is a challenge for the city, for the future of Rimini, for the whole community, without any exclusion”