Everybody’s ready for MIR, Music Inside Rimini.

MusicInsideRimini 2016

You’re right, there are still two weeks to May 7th-8th-9th weekend, but we can’t wait MIR, Music Inside Rimini starts.

Lots of you are certainly wondering what MIR is! In a fortnight exactly, Rimini’s fair will become a real meeting place for all those who love music and anything concerning it such as lights, sounds, technology, innovations and videos. MIR is a new format, unique and original, ready to stir up the public, either they are visitors, artists or, above all, professionals in the field.
For the most expert ones, in the area of the fair dedicated to Technology Expo&Live will be shown the new lines of Lights and Laser made by the leading firms in this field. There will be some of the most important figures in the world of Audio and Video Equipment.
A good eight stages will be set up for the live shows organized in collaboration with Live You Play and DOC Servizi, where the public will be allowed to test all the latest sound check systems.
Here are some events taking place during MIR:

  • Saturday, 7th May (4/5.30 p.m.). Talking about Content: the choice of Festivals’ contents is more and more related to the story and the ability to tell about oneself through music. Through a serious musical planning and an effective communication, these figures can transform the artists in real icons. Among the guests: Antonio Ferrari, aka DJ Ralf and Tonia maffeo ( Speaker – Head of Community and Marketing).
  • Sunday, 8th May (4/5.30 p. m.). Talking about Production: The evolution of Festivals’ technologies hides important creativity, logistics and technique processes inside, becoming in many cases a real part of the show and not only a musical framework.
    Robin Ebinger (CEO Cosmopop) and Giancarlo Sforza (Utopia Show Designer), Niels van Vijfeijken (founder of Wish Outdoor Festival ), will talk about that.
  • Monday, 9th May (4/5.30 p. m.). Talking about Format. The different sides of Festivals’ productions, from the so-called mainstream to those coming from a folk expression and become great events: Massimo Manera, lawyer, (President of La Notte della Taranta) and Dino Lupelli (President of Italian Quality Music Festivals) will be present.
    Of course, we are waiting for you at our hotel, to end these days characterized by music, delighting you with excellent food accompanied by a wonderful sight over the sea of our beloved Rimini.