Easter 2016? Welcome to Paganello!

Easter is coming and Rimini opens its doors to the spring, to the walks on the beach and to the renowned Paganello, an International Frisbee Tournament, taking place from 24th to 28th March.

Those who have already stayed here during this festivity know well that on the occasion of the Easter all the promenade of Rimini gets busy with frisbees and tounaments in which take part not only Italian but also European and world teams.
It will be awarded the Beach Ultimate World Cup and, the most fanciful,will have the opportunity to attend also the Acrobatic Paganello World Feestyle Challenge 2016,the Frisbee Freestyle World Championship that will take place at an unceasing rhythm of music.
Walking along the promenade leading from our hotel to the port, you will have the chance to watch dozens of admission free matches and tournaments and, why not, get even your children fond of this sport.
This is said to be one of the most educational disciplines. Physical contact is not allowed and the oddest thing is that there is no referee. Because of this rule, the players of both the teams have to respect a self-regulation during the match, according to principles of sporting fairness and responsibility.
In case that the players of both the teams couldn’t establish the right solution to a possible dispute, the frisbee will be thrown again and the action repeated. Like in most part of sports, voluntary fouls are not admitted.
A perfect occasion to make our children know such a self-regulated but tactical sport, of great fitness, too, since they use to do more and more conventional sports where a not sound competition is often extremely exalted.
So, take a frisbee and wear comfortable shoes! Long walkings along our promenade are waiting for you and why not some improvised matches with your kids, too.