“Fellini Showcase 100: Immortal Genius” at Sismondo Castle until March 15!

mostra fellini 100 castel sismondo

Rimini is ready to celebrate the centenary of the great Federico Fellini’s birth.Think about it : the distinguished fellow citizen filmed twenty-four movies and took home five Academy Awards. No need to be surprised if the entire world is looking at Rimini, and the events to celebrate his memory.

One the first activities by the Rimini City, since last november, is the showcase #fellini100 in Sismondo Castle, called “Fellini 100: Immortal Genius”. A complete journey with his activities, surprising twist (and some absolutely new aspects), and two clear goals: international calling and putting the bases for the permanent Museum of Federico Fellini.

Speaking about the first goal, the international characteristic, is good to know that on Mech 15, day of the closing, Fellini and Rimini’s culture will travel first to Rome–Venezia Palace, and then even Los Angeles, Mosque, and Berlin.

The second goal is the local promise: an official and permanent museum about the famous director, that will showcase his works.

mostra fellini 100


The showcase is developed in three phases

  1. The first section is Italy History, from the 20’s and 30’s, the postwar period up until the end of 80’s. Of course, everything will be shown with the surreal world of Fellini’s movies.
  2. The second section shows the testimonies of Federico Fellini’s co-workers, friends, and collaborators. One to be noted is the one from Fondo Nino Rota. He was a composer who worked many times with the director. For the first time ever, the public will see some of the few notepads where the musician would write Fellini’s instructions, about the score.
  3. The third section is a preview of the permanent “International Museum Federico Fellini” that will founded in Rimini
Dear friends of Hotel Corallo Rimini: get richier with this unique event, to know the director from Rimini, famous all around the world. “Fellini Showcase 100” is waiting for you!
Fill out the form beneath to ask for availability. We will be more than happy to organize your visit to the showcase–of course by March 15, closing day.


mostra fellini 100