Cultural tour to discover the museums of Rimini

museo della città rimini

Cultural Tour to discover the Museums of Rimini, part one.

“Culture is not a profession for the few: it is a condition for everyone that completes man’s existence.Elio Vittorini

Culture is the food of the soul.
As we nurture our body, so we do it with the soul by “feeding” it knowledge, transformation, and creation. All of this is culture!
Italy, under this topic, is one of the richest countries in the world in terms of history, culture, architectural and artistic works, the beauty of nature and variety of landscapes.
Each Italian region represents, at the eye of the world, a mix of priceless masterpieces and cultural forms, which has a priceless value.
Emilia-Romagna has a truly enviable artistic-cultural heritage. In the province of Rimini alone we find a massive presence of museums.
Some traditional, some more unusual and some decidedly extravagant!
We start our tour from the classical museums of Rimini: the best known and most visited.

1. City museum

We must start from the Museum that celebrates the city of Rimini.
A start that helps the visitor to gain memory of the historic city, the people that lived here, the art testimonies and the Riminese culture, of whom traditions still live today.
The interior fittings–1500 artworks in more than 40 halls–show that, inside the wall of Rimini, there is an ancient heart.


museo rimini


  • Roman lapidary: preserved inside the garden, it has inscriptions from the 1st century. B.C. to the 4th century A.D.
  • Amphitheater: monument symbol of Roman times and important archaeological documentation; inside the amphitheatrical building stands a bronze gladiator that evokes the atmosphere of the games that took place in the arena in ancient times
  • The domus of the surgeon by Jacopo Ortalli: takes its name from the profession of surgeon of its last dominus; the Domus represents an extraordinary photograph of life in ancient Rimini and an insight into a medical tabernacle of the time

2. The museum “Degli Sguardi”

In the suggestive museum “Degli Sguardi ” archaeological finds are brought by Delfino Dinz Rialto, from his travels in American, Oceania and Africa. 7000 unforgettable examples of archaeological discoveries from the Pre-Columbian era, and the Amazons collection.

museo degli sguardi rimini


  • The amazed gaze: a roundup of “strange” objects, curious, never seen before
  • The scientific gaze: ethnographic museum (materials from Oceania and Africa) and archaeological museum (Amerindian objects)

3. Fellini Museum

Between Sismondo Castle, Fulgor movie theater and e plaza Malatesta we can find the Fellini Museum.
Not the classic museum, but a giant set that will let the visitors feel like inside a movie, from the Riminese director. A place of high technology, poetry and emotions.

Many the artworks exposes: original designs, unfinished projects, scene costumes and scenography scenes.


  • “Fellini Showcase 100”: the exhibition revolves around three thematic themes, the first of which tells the history of Italy from the 1920s to the 1980s through the visionary gaze of Fellini’s films

E con questa ultima tip vi diamo appuntamento alla prossima settimana con la seconda parte del tour.