Cultural tour to discover the museums of Rimini – Part Two

museo dell'aviazione rimini

The “Nicchia” Museums of Rimini: welcome to the second part


Our cultural tour to discover the hidden treasure of our city, goes on with the “Nicchia” Museums of Rimini.

What do we mean with “Nicchia” Museums?

These museums have decided to be dedicated to one particular and themed artistic form.

These are usually outside the main cultural tourist routes, and to find them you must have a deep knowledge of the Riminese territory.

Discovering them, however, is worth it: they hide marvelous surprises, and curious collections, and they represent traditions and passions, that are part of the people of Rimini.

Are you curious? Let’s start!


  1. National Museum of Motocycle 


The first Nation Museum of Motorcycle open to the public (in 1993) is located here, in Rimini, to testify the tie between the people and the iconic vehicle.

A museum that shows the entire history of Motorcycles since their origins, up until our days: more than 250 models showed, for 55 different brands, maniacally arranged by era.

museo nazionale del motociclo


Highlights to not miss:

  • Unique and nowhere to be found: the 1924 Frera SS 4V, the 1140 cc twin-cylinder Frera with opposing valves, the 1937 Moto Guzzi 500 GTV that belonged to the painter Antonio Ligabue
  • Grand Prix bikes and prototypes: Bimota, Benelli, Ducati, Harley Davidson, Moto Guzzi, MV Agusta, Norton, Piaggio, Triumph
  1. Buttons Museums

In this original museum, the history of buttons is told through tales and curiosity, about the people that owned them, and the materials and techniques used to make them.


museo nazionale del bottone


Highlights to not miss:

  • Worldwide curiosity section: buttons from 1600 until our days are exposed, some of them with most famous people of each era.
  • Social, political, economical, and cultural history section, from between 19000-2000, told with the buttons. Here are exposed buttons that are witness of events that change the world: women rights, the Olympics, the first flight across the Atlantic, the concentration camps, the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Twin Towers of New York


  • Museo dell’Aviazione


The Aviation Museum shows prototypes that are not on any other side of the world.

Inside the glass showcases we can find the flight suits used by the first pilots, at the beginning of Twentieth century until our day, while in the underground caveau you can admire hundreds of decorations, honors and medals.

Surprising models that reproduce the Siai SM.55 the famous planes that in the 1930s made the adventurous transatlantic flight to Lake Michigan.


Highlights to not miss:

  • Aviation theme park: 100,000 m2. exhibition where you can admire many historical aircraft; the exhibition of anti-aircraft weapons and the exhibition of aviation service vehicles are also of great interest: mobile radar stations, fire trucks, oxygen suppliers


We have come to the end of our cultural tour in search of the most beautiful and particular museums in Rimini.

Now you just have to visit them (even virtually!)