Banksy art show in Ferrara

La mostra di Bansky a Ferrara

Banksy art show in Ferrara: from May 30th to September 27th


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Today we keep you company as we talk about the art show of Banksy, the famous and mysterious anglosaxon writer.

Nonone has ever seen his face, and his work are the reason of his fame.

Many are the works around Bristol, his hometown.

Banksy represents the greatest global artist of the new millennium. The graffiti painted around the city walls and they made him famous on a global level.

La mostra di Bansky a Ferrara


Banksy has started his career as a graffiti artist, but he got close to the different expressions of Street Art.

The themes in his creations are “uncomfortable” messages against war and the use of weapons, pollution and capitalism.

The main reacher for Banksy’s messages is the common citizen, the one who goes around the city and is faced with these beautiful creations.

The first art of Banksy is “The Mild Mild West”, from 1997.

La mmostra di Bansky a Ferrara

It depicts a teddy bear throwing a Molotov cocktail to three policemen: it is the symbol of the many riots that have marked the recent history of the city of Bristol.

So much beauty and uniqueness summarize the style of Banksy, which arrives from may 30th to september 27th at the “Palazzo dei Diamanti” in Ferrara

At “Palazzo Diamanti” you will find over 100 original works and objects: paintings, serigraphs and stencils, installation objects are mixed in an exhibition that gives an account of the entire production of the British artist.

“Palazzo Diamanti” is an exhibition space owned by the Town of Ferrara used for important exhibitions of international importance.

mLa mmostra di Bansky a Ferrara


It could be a good opportunity to come to Rimini, spend a whole day discovering Ferrara, and return for the evening to our hotel where a fantastic dinner awaits you, strictly overlooking the sea.